I am a student currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study International Studies and Spanish because I loved learning about foreign cultures and languages, and most of all, I love to travel. I recently returned to Buenos Aires after traveling across South America for 10 longs weeks. I blog about my travel experiences and things in life that inspire me. I am a fairly new blogger, so I am still learning how to write a good, entertaining blog about interesting topics.  But I’m learning and getting better with every post! I try to post about once a week, but sometimes it is more often and sometimes a little less. I write and post my very amateur photography as the inspiration flows in.

My blog, Hoy es un Regalo in Spanish means Each day is a gift. I titled my blog this way because this is the mentality that I try to keep and my personal motto that I try to live by. Something special happens in our lives each day, although it may be small, it happens and its there. So many of us are so busy all day and so trapped in our little bubbles that we don’t notice the small, beautiful details. But just remember, each day is a gift, and at any moment our lives can end, so we should enjoy each day and each gift to the fullest.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. i start to learn spanish too, amigo 😉
    Argentina sounds like a very sexy country!
    and i love your spirit in exploring new places/culture. keep on =)

  2. I am inspired by your blog title. I’m glad I read your ‘About’ page today. It reminded me about what I’ve been missing lately. Gracias! 🙂

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